Calling a REST Api

Can any one tell me please how to call an REST api from with in a Kinetic form using Application Studio?


You can find info on that here: How To: Adding Columns to Existing Kinetic Grid - Experts’ Corner - Epicor User Help Forum (

Thanks, but I need to call an external REST api I created which is on one of our servers.

I would be pretty much the same, but you would use the rest widget instead of the rest-erp and you would need to fill in the model and whatnot.

Thanks, on the request properties for this widget the Service Name list doesn’t have the api I am looking for, how do I get this please?


Hmm, so looking at the rest widget, it’s a bit weird and I’m not sure it will work for external APIs. If I were you, I would probably call the external API in a function and then call that function in App Studio.

I have looked at the function way, but I could not see how I could call the external api.

You’ll have to write some custom code using using System.Net.Http and NewtonSoft.

Where would I write the code?

In the code widget, just like a BPM.

I have been trying to find it, what is the name for the widget please?

Please use the search. Stuff like this has been asked many times before. Let’s Get Funcy - Epicor Functions - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

Thanks, I will read through the post.