Can anyone decode what this bar code does?

We have an ID that are issued to Shop employees, these have a barcode on them so they can scan to clock in etc without hitting buttons on the touch screen.

I can’t figure out what the code means beyond the employee number and part of their name.


So the 9999 is his employee number, and the FLLL is first initial and first 3 of his last name. I am not sure what the I is for before the first initial, or what the M1 and M are for, nor the * marks. The $ is clearly a delineator between fields though.

The asterisks are the start and stop characters for the Code 39 (or Code 3 of 9) barcode system.

What program is reading that barcode? Is it clocking directly into Vantage? If so, someone wrote a custom program that can parse that input and send the elements to different places. Your best bet would be to open THAT program and see what it does.


Just a wild stab in the dark…

$I = TAB
$M = CR

I agree with @Ernie

Not a wild stab, that’s exactly what it is. It’s a control character.

Likely the barcode scanner has been set up to send control characters, and that is how they are traditionally represented. (Also sometimes you will see ^I or ^M.)

Open notepad and do Ctrl-I, and Ctrl-M, and that’s what they do.

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