Can I filter a combo in a dashboard tracker view based on another combo

I have a BAQ and dashboard that contains Resource Groups and the Resources associated with those Resource Groups.

I have a tracker view that has two combo boxes - Combo1 is a tracker that uses the ResourceGroup BO. Combo2 uses the Resource BO.

I would like to filter Combo2 based on the ResourceGrpID from Combo1.

Is that possible?


You’ll probably have to do it on a customization of the dashboard, but I think this video should give you the pieces to make that work. (You might be able to do it on the customize tracker view, but I’m not 100% that you won’t have to get to a full customization)

Mr. Brandon: Thank you for the link. I did see that Gomez video - however I generally recoil when i see the customizations being opened.

I was hoping for a less nerdy solution :slight_smile:


Basically the key is going to be adding the filters. That video doesn’t actually have any code.