Can I run a BAQ using consecutive parameters?

Hi everyone,
I have a very simple BAQ where I query the first four characters of the line description on an order and if they match a parameter, then return the sum DocUnitPrice.
This works very well, but at the moment I have a list of parameters in a dropdown list and have to execute each one individually.
Is there a way to set up the BAQ to run down a list of parameters, returning the results for each?
Thank you in advance

Calculated field for the first (4) characters of the description, filter BAQ for calculated field in a list of constants instead of parameters and group by your calculated field?

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Thanks Brian,
I tried your solution but I get the error below. Any ideas?



BAQs use T-SQL format and not C#

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Thanks guys, I have it working now. Sometimes it just needs someone else to look and spot the obvious error.
Thanks again