Can no longer call DynamicQuery in Function - did something change?

Hi all,

Did Epicor change something recently in Functions? I used to be able to call DynamicQuery methods (GetQueryExecutionParametersByID and ExecuteByID for example) with the Invoke BO Method action. Now when I add the Ice.Contracts.BO.DynamicQuery assembly to the function references, I cannot select ICE at all. I have existing functions that still have actions referencing DynamicQuery, but when I go to edit them, the DynamicQuery methods are not available for re-selection. I’m assuming (but haven’t tested) that I can still use DynamicQuery with the CallService method in a custom code block, but it’s a bit of a bummer if Epicor removed the ability to use normal action blocks for this.

Any thoughts?

Whoops! Nevermind, I hadn’t added the ICE:BO:DynamicQuery service to the function library. It’s odd, because my other libraries don’t have this reference, and yet I was still able to call the DynamicQuery methods.