Can not open Dashboard to edit in Dashboard Program

I have a custom dashboard that I can no longer edit. When I try to open it Dashboard module, using the Definition ID search function, the Dashboard screen comes back blank.

It does the same thing if I am in Dashboard Maintenance, and select Action>Modify Dashboard.

Every other dashboard opens fine for editing. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Can you export your dashboard? You could try exporting, deleting then reimporting it. You can also try opening customization maintenance. Sometimes I use that form as a last resort to find/remove misbehaving customizations.
Good luck!

Is there a diff way I can export the dashboard, since I can not use the Export function from the Dashboard module?

The export functions are grayed out.

If you cannot access the dashboard through those forms, then you should try the customization maintenance. If you can get the customization to load in that form, try using some of the tools there. You have import/export, verify, delete and more. If you can get your broken customization out of there, you might be able to get back to your base dashboard. That way you can start a fresh customization. You may just need to recreate the dashboard completely.

I have seen this happen when a dashboard is imported, deployed, but never saved. Shows as available to use on the menu, but you cannot modify it. To resolve this in the past, I had to re-import the dashboard

This is a dashboard that has been used for quite a while. It still functions when ran by end-users. which is really strange.

Did you delete the old one before importing again?

You can try that. The scenario we had was unique, where it was originally imported in E9, and then when I went to move it from the custom db to the Live E10 instance when we upgraded, I was unable to open it

I have had this happen often and clearing the cache solves it. I clear my cache often. If you cannot delete the dashboard (this happened to me a lot), you can remote it using the ICE2.0.5 Business Logic Tester.

Also I am using Citrix to connect to my client. Epicor tells me that people who use Citrix often have such issues.

I often have Epicor crash while designing a dashboard.