Can you allocate to an unfirm job?

No, right?

I don’t use Fulfillment Workbench like ever, so there’s that. But

  1. That’s the only place to allocate, right?
  2. I did allocate to a firm job, so I accomplished something
  3. When I tried with an unfirm job, I got 0 records allocated or whatever it says.

i believe the job needs to be released to allocate in the FWB. i know you cant pick to a job if its not released.

And even though it was obvious, I just checked to see if I could release an unfirm job.

No, no you can’t.

OK thank you, that’s perfect.

Also, even if you could, what happens if MRP deletes the job, etc. Still, I was asked to ask.

MRP wont delete firm jobs. if you release the job, it firms the job. so if you release a job for production and picking, you dont need to worry about MRP touching that job.

Right, I meant if it deleted an unfirm job with an allocation (if that was possible).

So, I’m not sure about your thesis, though. I seem to have allocated to an unreleased job:

ok i wasnt sure about that. Try to release for picking for that job.

That is a no go.


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