Can you "backdate" an "Physical Inventory as of" Date?

I am getting some conflicting information about Vantage's Physical
Inventory functions. We're on V8, but I suspect that most Vantage
versions are similar, so any insight would be appreciated.

Here's the scenario:

We want to perform a Physical Inventory to capture our Inventory
Valuation as of June 30, 2006.

We DO NOT expect to be able to fully play/run/transact all business
prior to the end of June 30, 2006 (this is mostly a paperwork issue --
We're going to be shipping right up to the last minute today and it's
not clear that all supplier and customer and internal inventory
transactions that SHOULD be dated in June because they DID happen in
June will be done by EOD June 30.)

We will likely perform the physical count on July 5th, 2006.

Here's the questions:

When you "Start Count" the system records the Expected Onhand
Quantities. Presumably it associates the System Date with these
quantities. Is there anyway to manipulate this date (i.e. Can I do all
of my paperwork over the next few days, all backdated in June, and then
punch the Start Count button and provide a "as of date" of June 30th)

Ultimately, what I'm really asking here is if there's any way that I can
buy a couple of days to complete our June paperwork and still use the
Physical Inventory functions in the early days of July to generate an
Inventory Valuation that will be as of June 30th, 2006 (Of course, we
would be good about manually recognizing on our physical count shhets
any July shipments/receipts, etc. that affect the integrity of our

Any help would be sincerely appreciated -- I thought I knew exactly how
Vantage's Physical Inventory functions worked, but we got surprised last
month (Our Inventory Variances posted on 6/1/2006 vs. 5/31/2006 and we
had to accrue the variances to push everything back into May -- Since we
know that there's no possible way we're going to be able to hit the
"Start Count" button today and record accurate "Expected Onhand
Quantities" (because we have some transactional paperwork catch-up to
do...), we're likely going to get backed into this position again.) I am
aware of the ability to manipulate the "Expected Quantity" by providing
an "Activity Before Count" value on the Count Tag Entry sheet -- It's a
damned if we do, damned if we don't situation -- We could punch the
button today and be clean and not have to make the accruals, but then
we'd have to use the Activity Before Count fields to recognize the net
inventory effects from the transactions we haven't played. It seems that
if there was a "Trust me, date the Expected on Hand Quantities as of
6/30/2006" option for the "Start Count" function that this would all be
moot (Of course the system should have all of the data it needs to
calculate what the 6/30/2006 Inventory balances/expected qtys were at
any time! I am not sure I understand/appreciate the rationale for using
the SYSTEM DATE for the Start Count function vs. a given date (other
than the coding may be a bit easier for the developers...)

Thanks in advance for any insight,

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