Can you change transfer order costing method?

We are Average across all out parts but testing a transfer showed “Last” in Cost Adjustment after completing a transfer order.

Thanks in advance


Epicor will always update the Last Cost on any transaction (It will also update the Average and some others as well… this functionality is baked in). When you select Average as your cost type, then the Average cost will be used for your inventory valuation.

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Thanks Ernie. So no way to change the cost method via transfer orders?

The costing method for a part is set on the Part > Site tab… you can have different cost methods for different plants, but it is set at the part level not by the transportation type.

Just odd a part that has AVG cost set shows last cost when we do a inventory transfer between the two sites.

Doesn’t matter how it’s done but every receipt to inventory will update costs, from a PO, a Job, an RMA, an IPO, or a Transfer Order. Moreover, any transaction that isn’t received to inventory (Ship from Job, Drop Ship, etc.) does NOT get included in the calculation.

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