Can you copy Dashboard and BAQ files directly from one server to another or must you export and import

Hello Group!
We messed up a key Dashboard we use and have a VM Copy backup of the server that I could bring up in Audit mode and copy things from, however, to Export the Dash and BAQ’s means also getting a SQL Server up and running and the two functioning in a their own network.
Is it possible to just copy and replace the Dashboard Files from the Audit Mode Server? Or is the only way via Export then Import through the application between both server instances.

Any help appreciated very much!
George Hicks
Director of IT
Visionaire Lighting

They are both implemented in the Epicor DB. So it’s not like there would be files you could just copy over. Spinup a test environment, restore the backup to it, then export it.

Yeah, that is what I figured, lol