Can you dynamically resize the header in SSRS?


I am guessing the answer to be no but thought I would ask anyways.
Can you dynamically resize the header in SSRS?
All my custom forms and our address added dynamically in the header. Unfortunately, The address can be anywhere from 5 to 9 lines so I have to size for the max.
I have heard this asked a lot but no one seems to know the answer definitively.
Any answers are appreciated.


If you set the text box to grow and build the address using carriage returns if a line is not blank does that move the header down and with the text box?

Hello @kentreardon,

Nope, that was one of the first things I tried.
The header wouldn’t budge wither way on the textbox set to grow/shrink.

Any other ideas out there? Or a firm confirmation from someone that it can’t be done with this version? 10.1.500.23 BTW.


I have the header of our quote form not in the header but at the top of the page and resize the address info there. Will that work for your forms?

It’s takes some time - but if you restructure the Epicor Form to NOT use the SSRS Header (or only use the header to establish page numbers) and use the main Tablix to hold your header information, then you can control the number of lines and the form will adjust the spacing.

One trick I like to use Is to add a “Company” group to the very top of the group listing. That is where you can put all of your address logic and turn on and off lines as needed.

I then use the SSRS Advanced mode to add the “RepeatOnNewPage” to each of the lines in the Company Group.

It’s not pretty - because restructuring the Epicor Forms can be a challenge in itself - they often use the ReportItems.Field.Value collection to reference hidden fields in the Tablix.

Sorry - wish I had a better answer - other than it can be done - but you have to “Really want it”.