Can you put the Product Line onto a printed Work Order?

I want to be able to see what product line the Work orders we have go to when we print them out. This will speed up the process of handing out work orders on our end as we color coordinate them into specific folders. Is this possible? Still fairly new to Epicor on our end so it may be a simple click of a button we are missing.

Yes, you can do this. You’d have to copy the existing JobTrav data definition. Add the Part table (and if you want things to look nice, the ProdGroup table too) to the new definition. Then create a new JobTrav report style that ties to the new data definition. Finally, change the SSRS template to include the new field.

Unfortunately, in this case, it’s not a simple button click.

appreciate the help i will see what i can do to get this working for us!

There is some useful docs in help, “Duplicate Report Data Definition” and probably more on the Epicor Learning Center.