Cannot Create Task Agent

Attempting a fresh install of on a Pilot VM to test Kinetic. This is not an upgrade of our current 10.2.700 environment. We have run through the upgrade on this, but we wanted to see if we could create a new database can from scratch. All is good except there is a running Task Agent on the server for this Application Server, but there is not a corresponding entry in System Agent Maintenance. When we go into System Agent Maintenance to create one we get this message on save:

Client File Directory: Cannot Access the directory:
Correct the access to the directory.

Additionally, when we query the ice.SysAgent table, it is empty.

Any thoughts are much appreciated.


I assume thats missing a leading slash?

Can you paste that into windows file explorer and hit the folder?If so…

Then check access permissions on the folder (mainly does the account running your epicor services have access).

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Is missing permissions such that ANYBODY (EVERYONE) can read / write to it this is a requirement for client side interaction. I would also recommend you use a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) on this path.

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Yes… just ran into this same issue of the FDQN.

Had to create the share and give access like you said Jose.

Jose, do you know why in my other app pool when I open the system agent, you can specify a different directory? Is this local to the app pool?

In other words, when I opened system agent in app pool 1, the directory was \SERVER\EpicorData

When I opened app pool 2 client and opened system agent there, the directory was something else…

Is there a reason these can be separate? Wouldn’t each app pool need it’s own task agent for this type of setup (having two different EpicorData locations) to work?

You should only have 1 task agent in Epicor setup and you can then have 2 different Task Agent Registrations that look at the same data source.

For example we have 3 app servers, One System Agent in Epicor , and 2 Task Agents that look at that Db and basically round robbing take those jobs.

The Epicor Data folder is \place\EpicorData because it needs tom be accessed for both Task Agents.


Additional Info on Jose’s Response.

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I appreciate it, I only have one system agent, but it was odd because when I pulled it up connected to app pool 1 and app pool 2 I saw that the server data field was different…

Thanks Haso