Cannot make Currency Active

One of our users opened up Currency Master Maintenance and then our USD currency record. When she opened it up, she saw the Inactive checkbox go from unchecked to checked. Now whenever, we try to uncheck the box, we get an error box that says “Currency cannot be found as Source and Target Currency on Conversion Rules.” and the box stays checked.

This is causing problems throughout the system due to no active currency.

We don’t have multiple currencies defined in the system; we only use USD.

Has anyone seen this before and have some advice?


I believe this happened to us. Do you have the Currency Management license enabled? I’m guessing yes. If so, create another currency (CAD?) and do basic
setup. Even if you never use it. If you don’t have currency management licensed and enabled, then disregard.


Thanks for the reply. We don’t have the Currency Management license enabled so I am not able to create another currency.