Cannot Print from Different Tray

I have a user here that is trying to print her invoices. When she selects “Print” and selects Tray 3 the page still goes to Tray 1. When she selects “Print Preview” and hits Tray 3 it will print out correctly. Any idea why she is getting this print issue with the regular print button?

Are you printing to a local printer or a P21 configured printer?

I believe you have to make the tray you want the default for the user and save it.

Vinay Kamboj

Will it print out of the default tray indefinitely? They only want it to print from tray 3 at certain times. Tray 1 for the rest of the time.

Printer is connected to via the server. I believe she just chooses it to print from.

Not sure how you have it set up, but I am referring to the printers configured within P21, that you can schedule print jobs to, like pick lists, etc at a scheduled time. Is this is a printer that was just added to the user’s pc and you select trays as you print?

She would like the printer to be configured so that she can schedule print jobs for invoices, but can’t because it wont print from tray 3 (colored paper) without selecting via print preview. She just selects it now as the printer to print from when she goes to print from the application.

I am not in front of the application at the moment, but there is a maintenance screen in P21 to configure server printers. I believe you can select it down to trays, but I will need to confirm.

Yeah that tray becomes the default for the user. That is how we have it setup for our invoice person.

Vinay Kamboj

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I went into the printer maintenance screen and selected the intended printer. I set it to print invoices from tray 3 and she let me know that it printed from the correct tray with the initial print screen. Hopefully this setup has resolved her issue. I will report back if not. Thanks for the help!!

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