Can't create External BAQ

Trying to create a new external BAQ and it doesn’t let me choose the external data source. And the screen says ‘Business Activity Query Designer’ not ‘External Business Activity Query Designer’ like the help file says.

Is the menu not calling the correct form?

I created an external data source:


And enabled it for the company:


What am I missing? thanks

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That is the incorrect Menu Item for it. Notice the UD you created that one, why you did im not sure, since out of the box Epicor provides one.

You are targeting the right Program, however because you recreated it you wiped away the Ice.Menu Argument -formName extBAQ so you will have to update it with Updatable BAQ or SQL and set Argument column to value -formName extBAQ


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That’s strange. I don’t think anyone has modified any of these entries. From what I can see, a bunch of them are labelled ‘UD’:

And, as luck would have it, our Pilot, Test, and Train environments are hosed due to a hack so I can’t check those. I will go ahead and update the Arguments to what you have there. Thanks for checking into this.

That worked - thanks!

Still not sure how that got changed… which worries me a little.