Can't Invoice PO

I am trying to help accounting and I am stuck too.

We have an OLD PO that a was recieved but never invoiced. When we try to invoice the invoice we can’t pull in that PO Line. It shows never invoiced in PO Tracker

The PO also shows on the Received but not Invoiced Report

But when I try to pull in the PO it doesn’t show up.

We have tried every way to pull it in but can’t seem to invoice it. I am sure I am missing something simple but accounting module is not my strong point.

Any ideas?

Thanks Kim

Is the invoice for line 2 of the receipt different from the invoice for line 1?

Also, it appears to be for a non-tangible item (ENVIRONMENTAL FEE), so it was probably Purchased to Other, which requires a GL account. Perhaps the orginally selected GL Acct to expense it to, is no longer active.

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Thanks for the clues. When I went to look at the Receipt they never fully received the line it was just marked arrived but not received check.

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I almost asked that. But then you included a Report that implied they were received!

P.S. Arrived but not Received, was such a thorn in my side, I made a dashboard and auto email for when this condition exists.

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yes, I trusted the user…always double check. And I guess the report Received Not Invoiced catches arrived only too…because that PO Line was marked arrived but not Received. The PO was marked Received but not ALL Received.