Can't open the Design for a BPM

Recently a user had an error that was related to this BPM. Basically it’s a JobDeleteTracking BPM on the pre-process of the method JobEntry.Update.

I have it so whenever a user deletes a job it will write USERID, JobNum, Date, and Job Description into the UD13 Key fields. Now the user’s error was “The maximum number of characters allowed for Key3 is 50” So I’m assuming that the JobDescription field (that updates to UD13.Key3) was over 50 characters…

Now I’m trying to edit the design of the BPM and I’m getting this error:

So is my BPM gone forever? Will I really have to re-create the BPM just because it gave an error when firing? Also is there a way to edit the format for these UD fields so I can have more than 50 characters on Key3?

Check out this post and see if you have the same missing file.

I never would have thought that it was something with my PC… Thanks for the link - I checked my client folder and didn’t even have AutoUpdate.exe.

So I’m now re-installing; hopefully this fixes it!

I ve had a similar issue before, and normally restarting IIS fixes it

The solution was to just re-install Epicor on my PC. For some reason there were tons of missing files in my Client folder…

Also to answer my last question in the original post; to update the field length and/or format of the UD fields you can just go to the Extender Properties screen and pull in the UD table in there. From that screen you have control over the table’s fields(columns).

Edit: For some reason going in and changing the UD13.Key3 field to the format “x(200)” didn’t work. It’s still giving the error saying that Key3 only allows 50 characters. So I’m going to have to change the PartDescription feed into Character03 instead.