Can't turn off Quantity Bearing because we can't turn off Track Lots

We have a little over 100 service parts that we added, and they went in as Quantity Bearing when we didn’t want that. In the process of turning it off (painfully, have to change the Costing Method to Standard, Update, then turn off Track Lots, Update, then turn off Quantity Bearing and Update.) we found 6 of them which say “Track Lots cannot be turned OFF because there is quantity with a lot number defined.”

How can we get past this? We don’t care about any quantity value stored somewhere (and I can’t figure out where) we just want those values turned off.

You’ll need to do inventory adjustments to remove the qty/lot, then do the changes, then put the qty back in to inventory. You cannot make changes to Parts with quantities in inventory.

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Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

These ‘parts’ aren’t actual things you can hold in your hand, so there shouldn’t be any inventory.

Anyways, how do I do inventory adjustments to remove things? I don’t see any lots for those parts and there’s no PartQty or PartWhse records for the one I was trying to fix first. We really don’t want any record of there being inventory for those parts which are really just a way to track services on Service Contracts. They aren’t on any Orders or Quotes, just Service Contracts and Service Calls.

Use ‘Quantity Adjustment’ when you put in the part # it should list the locations that have quantity.

Thanks :slight_smile: That worked and let me uncheck the boxes. When I entered a positive number to offset the negative number, the line then disappears from Quantity Adjustment. There’s no reason to put it back from what I can tell.