Capable To Promise

CTP calculates available 11/17, but looks to me like it’s available right now.
What am I missing? And why is it saying Lead Time in the source? it’s Purchased for this plant, but Lead time is 130 days, and there are no open POs.

Which Site is the order shipping from and what is the transfer time?
Also, what is the source type for that site (Manufactured, Purchased, or Transfer)?

Jason - the site the sales order is shipping from is the one shown on time phase pic, Kent, WA.
It is a site source of Purchased

The Order is for 80 if I’m reading correct from the CTP screenshow. You only have 60 on hand right now. With Safety Stock required, you don’t have anywhere close to enough.

I think it is the timing of my screen shots, there were only 20 remaining to be shipped on that one.
Thank you for the quick answer.