Capture COS/WIP Activity issues

Hi friends does anyone know how does the COS/WIP posting the data from March or April witch now is May.
for example
our earliest apply date is 1/5 2020
we only want to post the data for March without adjusting the earliest apply date to March
because some of our invoices are always made next month but shipping/receiving is last month.

Not sure I fully understand but would the capture outdated transaction box work for you? If checked it will get the old unposted transactions from whatever date you enter in the Outdated Trans From box and post them with an apply date equal to the Outdated Trans Apply Date box.


TKS Norelco2, but it will be posted the data form March to May.and we only want to post the March. without adjusting the earliest apply date to March.

Earliest apply date only affects data entry. Having is set for 1/5/2020 would prevent entering a receipt back dated to 1/4/2020.

Trans actions can only be applied to open fiscal periods. So the Capture process would apply transactions with apply dates in open periods, using the apply date. If the Captures Outdated trans option is selected, unposted trans in closed periods will be posted, but to the earliest of the oldest open period.

For example:

  • there’s an unposted PO receipt dated 3/30/2020
  • period 4 (April) is still open
  • today’s date is 5/5 and Capture COS/WIP is run with
    • Ending 5/5/2020
    • Capture Outdated is selected
    • outdated Trans From: 3/1/2020

Would apply that PO receipt to a “Periodic Posting Process” with a date of 4/1.

You can tell what the oldest open period date is from the Read Only field labeled “Outdated Trans Apply Date”

And a fairly important note …

Part trans based reports (like SSR and WIP Recon) will still show the original transaction date. Even though the transaction may have actually been applied to the GL with a different date, and in a different period.

This will drive anyone trying to use Stk Status or WIP Recon to reconcile the GL, seriously crazy.