Capture COS/WIP Activity

I’ve had our system set up to capture activity at the end of every day for several years now. However, just last week I discovered that the capture process has not been running as scheduled. So I set up another activity in the system agent on Tuesday to replace the first one that was no longer working. Now I’m seeing that we have activity from 8/30 and 8/31 that has not posted. However, the activity from 9/1 posted indicating that the scheduled process ran yesterday as it should. When I try to run the capture allowing outdated transactions from those two days to be captured, the only choice I have is to apply those transactions to 9/1. Is there a way that I can post those transactions effective 8/31?

Choose the end date as 8/31. Also check if the period is still open and the earliest apply date. These will prevent selecting a past date.

I already checked the period, and it is still open. There is no option to change the outdated transaction posting date. It automatically defaults to 9/1.

You have to use the ending date as 8/31 as shown below.


I didn’t realize that I could backdate the end date and the starting date would revert to the beginning of that month. Problem solved. Thank you!