Capture / Cos WIP process won't complete

Epicor version 9.05.701

The epicor process “capture / cos wip” won’t finish processing. It generally works no problem.
The inventory wip report all balances fine.
At the moment, there is nothing in review journal.

Has anybody else come across this problem before?

:thinking: Hmm…Not with nothing in the Review Journal… are you seeing any errors in the System Monitor? Or does it just sit in Active Tasks?

it just sits in active tasks.

restarting the app servers will probably get it out of active tasks.
But it seems 1 particular date won’t post.

Usually we post once a week (in a batch of days)…we’ve found that its 1 particular day that won’t post. I thought it was because of an inbalance, but it seems to balance.

Did you do any recent cost roll activity? We had problems with needing to delete a bunch of adj-cst records with zero value transactions per screenshot of support below to get it to run awhile back…

Hi Nancy,
We don’t usually roll up until end of the financial year which is 31/03/ so im not sure, but i’ll ask about and see as its done by our R&D dept.

We would occasionally run into an issue where the Capture would generate a Review Journal indicating that there was a Duplicate Transaction on a specific date.

The way we knew this was the Capture would sit in the System Monitor without advancing and the Activity Message on that process would say something like look at Review Journal for error.

We thankfully hadn’t seen this issue for a long time in E9…we usually post once at the end of our fiscal period. But just before our Go Live to E10 we decided to post once a week just to make sure the Capture process didn’t take too long to run during our upgrade window. And go figure, we ran into the Duplicate Transactions issue again. :persevere:Thankfully I still had the fixes that Epicor gave to me for this issue: NEW_CorrectCOSWIPPosted_xxx.r and New_UnpostCOSWIPTrans-NoStk-Stk_xxx.r and I was able to use these to fix the issue.

Unfortunately the latter .r fix mentioned (I guess depending on the date options selected) takes a long time to run which delayed our upgrade process quite a bit. But it did fix the Duplicate Trans issue because once the fixes were complete we ran the Capture again and had no issues.

I really don’t think there was a duplicate transaction at all but that the Capture process just hiccuped on something and everything needed to be un-posted and then re-posted again to fix the issue.

Just wanted to share that experience in case it is possibly related to the problem you are having…?

Thank you for this,
so essentially if can give the affected dates…how does the fix work?
Do i just run it in epicor admin tools and select the date that is affected?

Were on version 9.05.701

Are you able to attach the fix file?

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Unfortunately I didn’t get a real good and clear explanation on what Exactly these fixes were doing. (Even though, knowing me, I’m sure I asked…)

Here is what the screens look like when you run them:





I’m not exactly sure what the Correct Trans one does but I bet I can guess what the Unpost one does! :wink: LOL

I could try to upload them…but I’m a little nervous to do that cause I worry that these might be very outdated fixes. I received them back in 2014…so maybe it would be safer if you requested them from Epicor? If you have problems getting them then I could send you my copies to test…

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Thank you - i’ll ask epicor first then.
Much appreciated.

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epicor support have confirmed that these named fixes will resolve our problem.
They are going to get their development team to send them through.

Thank you for your help.

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Oh I’m so glad those were the fixes you needed! You’re very welcome! I’m thankful that our experience helped you out! :slight_smile:

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