Capture COS/WIP question

Does “Outdated Trans” only refers to trans prior to the Starting Date?

I was under the impression that any part trans with apply dates in a closed period would only post if the Capture Outdated Trans option was selected.

After fixing an issue with a missing GL Control, I ran the Capture COS/WIP process to post those part trans from Aug that were still unposted.

I set the Capture COS/WIP screen with:

  • Starting 8/1/2019
  • Ending 8/31/2019
  • Post to General Ledger = YES
  • Post Cost of Sales / MFG Variance = YES
  • Capture Outdated Trans was cleared
  • Outdated Trans From 10/1/2016
  • Outdated Trans Apply Date 9/1/2019

I thought Fiscal Period 8 was still open so I hit process. But FP 8 was actually closed.

It turns out the PerPostProcess GL entries have a JE Date of 9/1 and hit FP 9.

So even if the Capture Outdated Trans is clear, it will still post trans from prior periods to the current one?

Just a thought but maybe because your “outdated trans apply date” was 9/1/19 that’s why it posted in FP9. If is was 8/31/19 may have posted in FP8.

That’s what I assume. But I was more surprised that the trans from the selected range (8/1 - 8/31) were considered outdated.

BTW - the “Outdated Trans Apply Date” is read only. I assumed that would be the date used for trans prior to 8/1 AND if “Capture Outdated Trans” was checked off.

We were told to capture in period you need it to make sure all dates show within that period (i.e. 8/31 for Aug, 9/1 for Sept). I never assume anymore when it comes to Epicor as it doesn’t always seem to follow “normal” thought processes.

With Vista 8, if the tran date was not in an open period, it would fail to post, unless you specifically selected the “unpostable” trans and and let it change the apply date of that trans.