Capturing Testing Costs

We currently do lot testing on various products. Some parts require us to send samples from production to an outside test house and pay a fee. Currently we create POs that aren’t tied to the job. This causes trouble linking costs to specific jobs and we are looking for a way to properly capture these costs so they are tied to the job. We also sometimes are able to do testing in house but have to send it outside due to workload.

I was planning to create lot testing part numbers and put them in the BOM of the parts that require lot testing. I would enter the part as fixed quantity so that it wouldn’t vary with the quantity produced. Any suggestions on whether this is the best way to handle this is appreciated.

You have several options if you want to use a PO

Create a subcontract operation which will then link a PO to the supplier and upon receipt of the testing services that operation will be complete

Create a part number on the BOM for outside testing services and flag it as purchase direct. You will have to receive the PO against the part number and it will debit the job for the unit price on the PO

You can also add a BOM part which can be checked as a misc. charge. Then select the misc. charge and the expected cost. When the invoice is received against that charge in AP Invoice entry the invoice can be charged directly to the job

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