Carriage return embeded into the barcode in Crystal Report

Hellow guys i am trying to add carriage return at the end of the string but it is making the barcode brake please advice. below is the code i am using
" & {JobMtl.PartNum} & chrW(13) & "

It might be better to try and configure the Bar Code scanner to append a CR character to the output of the scan.

The problem with this is that ALL scans will have the CR appended to them.

Depending on the scanner, you can sometimes program it for character substitution. Then add a BarCode printable character (that doesn’t appear in any codes you’ll scan), and have the scanner sub the CR for that one.

Edit: I often setup the scanner to append a TAB after the scan, as most of our data entry requires pressing tab to get to the next field.

Also: I our scanners (cheap $25 ones from Amazon) are configured by scanning sets of barcodes. So we have pages in a book that can be scanned to change the config (reset to factory defaults, appending characters, character substitution, turn scan chime ON/OFF, etc…)

Try… where $I is a tab and $M is a return. I have also configured the barcode scanner (symbol ls2208) to use HID keyboard emulation, enable code 39 and enable code 39 full ascii.

" & {JobMtl.PartNum} & ‘$I’ & ‘$M’ & "

This board smurfed your post (assumed the asterisks were start/stop for bold text

"*" & {JobMtl.PartNum} & ‘$I’ & ‘$M’ & "*"

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when i add this line i get a ID MD not the caracter guys

Just a guess, but I and M are the 9th and 13th letters of the of the alphabet. A LF(line feed) is ASCII 10 (often portrayed as Ctrl+J, and a CR (carriage return) is ASCII 13, (Ctrl+M).

Maybe he meant ... & '$J' & '$M' & ...

Edit: found the following website that mentions “Extended Code 39” which includes control codes like CR, LF TAB, etc …

ahhh yeah sorry. I have gone over setup from 5 years ago and some of what I have written would be misleading. The $I and $M are code 39 full ascii (ie extended code 39) and could be just specifically for scanner that can be programmed to use it.

Yes the * is a start/stop character and we use the Epicor default font DWBAR39.TTF (DataWorks Bar 39).

IF you used a Symbol LS2208 I can send you the Epicor setup instructions that configure this scanner. The scanner config will play a big part in what your trying to do, unfortunately they are not all the same.