Cash Receipt date greater than Invoice date validation


Anyone knows how to do in cash receipt entry, Cash receipt date greater than Invoice date validation.

Is my below understanding is correct ?

InvoiceNum :0001
Invoice Date:12/10/2020

Cash Receipt
GroupID:- 001
Bank:- ABCD
Transaction Apply Date:- 11/10/2020.

This transaction should not be allowed, because the cash receipt transaction date is lesser than the Invoice date .

Create a BPM in Cash Receipt Entry.

@prash172 Ya correct. same thing or current period greater than means not allow.

@Arul Tried not working, Can you tell which method have you done.

In this case why don’t you make the transaction date filed as readonly


we need the transaction date changeable, a current period greater than the invoice period means not allow.

Back dated transaction they will do in cash receipt date. example 09th month,

Cash receipt date 13/10/2020

invoice date should not 01/11/2020

sorry, wrongly mentioned what I asked before.

Try finding the method at “Retrieve” or “Apply” through trace.
My be the method is “Erp.CashRec.SelectInvoices”
BPM validation comparing Invoice date and transaction apply date.


Have you tried this, I’m not getting the output.

Can you help with this?


I have not tried.

In Transaction Data Directive in CashDtl Table, will work.

@prash172 above data is working. Thanks.

need to change the condition.
If the cash receipt date is 21/10/2020 and the invoice date also in the same month 30/10/2020 this no need for validation. greater than that period means invoice date 01/11/2020 needs to validate. is it possible? Any idea.

Quick question: When would one ever receive cash in the future? :man_shrugging:

At least when following any generally accepted accounting practices. :thinking:


Account users checking the report Within that period ok. they are checking period wise report not date wise only.

so within that period means we need this condition.

But in this case, it still works right? If it passes the day test then you’re not in a future period too. If cash was received at the end of a previous period but the current date is in the next period then this test works to prevent that cash from going to the end of the current month. Can you show a case where the current date test doesn’t work?

this case not working. tried.

So what’s wrong is the Invoice Date? If you’re receiving cash before Invoicing then people usually will put that on account or in an Advance Payment on that order and then apply it later once invoiced.

I thought you were trying to apply cash in the future. Because if you could predict that, you’d make more money in banking than IT! :rofl:

Hello Kumaar,

Maybe it’s me. I can be pretty dense at times. Can you explain the business problem first to make sure we all understand the motivation then post some code so we can see what you’re trying.


Mark W.