Cash Receipt Post going to Review Journal


We are trying to post a cash receipts group but it is going to review journal with the error “Transaction does not balance”. Does anyone know of a way we can identify what specific A/R invoices in the group are causing the imbalance? Its only off by a few hundred out of thousands of invoices.

Please check if there is any foreign currency invoices or debit note in that group.

Thanks! There are no foreign currencies in the group. There are 2 lines in the group marked as “IsDebitAmount” for 0.18

Ok so it looks like invoices in this group posted to the GL incorrectly. For some reason, the journal transaction is “Rounding difference amount” and going to a different GL account. $17 dollars doesnt seem like a rounding difference.

We do not have a rounding difference GL account defined for gl control type “AR Account” for AR Trade.
Our main book posting rounding tolerance is set to 50.00

Jeff where have you been for like 10 mos I havent seen you.

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Does updating Rounding Difference GL account solved the issue? If there are few records, then PE Error log will help but 1000 of invoices it is very hard.

haha hey! I’ve been heads down working on project after project…never a dull moment! Are you well?

Thanks! I totally forgot about checking the PE log. I’m getting test scenarios ready and will check that when I post 1 invoice that has this issue.

doing good! phew! for a moment I thought you got married… good to know it was just projects :slight_smile: well, welcome back.