Centralized Payment

Hi All,

i’m new in epicor and some of transactional process required all the experts here for help.
Currently my company have been setup for the centralized payment and its work well. But due to company restructuring, our company need to change the centralized payment to another entity. So may i have advice from your side for following question?

  1. What should we do for the current invoices have been goes to old centralized entity? Our objective is to change the invoices payment into a new Centralized Payment entity.
  2. is it possible to change the invoices into another New Centralized Payment entity?

thank for everyone.

As far as I know you can only have one company as the parent and you cannot move invoices between companies.

I guess you can close the existing invoices before doing the change. Or you can cancel both the child and parent invoices, change the central company, then recreate the invoices so they appear in the new company.

Thank Jonathan for your ideal.