Change Bill To on Sales Order Header (Epicor v. 9.05.700C)

If you are using the standard SO Form or one that was modified from it, it will show your sold to and ship to addresses. The bill to address is there in the XML and you can certainly add it to the form.

As for the Bill To drop down to change from the "same as sold to", you have to have an alternate Bill to address set up and/or National account to have additional options in the drop down list.

I want to change the Bill To on my sales order header and I cannot seem to get there.  I have the customer set up with the Sold To address, another address under the Bill To, and a third address under the Ship To.  However, the Bill To on the customer record is not showing up on the sales order. 

Does anyone know why this is?  The software seems to indicate it allows three different addresses/customers for Sold To/Bill To/Ship To, but won't let me change the Bill To from the default "same as sold to". 

Does anyone know how to fix this or have a solid workaround?

Thanks much!

Renee Rauscher

EMT International, Inc.