Change column length

has anyone changed the column length in the MtlSeq field to take more than 4 places. We need it to take 5 but can’t modify it.


I was told that functionality is not supported in E9. We create new sub assemblies when we exceed 10000 mtl sequence. For out standard BOMs we DMT them in with the mtl sequences only 2 numbers apart instead of 10. (ie they go 2,4,6 instead of 10, 20 30).

I was told this would be fixed in 10.


I have found that it is not possible to change any column lengths. Even if the schema is changed directly, the behind the scenes procedures will raise system errors at unexpected times.

I would recommend using the FindNum column to store your company’s numbering. Then, when the BOM is engineered, you can resort MtlSeq by findnum by right clicking in the navigation pane over (I think) the operation. If the mtl seq still doesn’t update to meet your business requirements (because it’s still trying to go by 10) you can alter the report files to instead order by findnum, which should already be available.