Change Log for the the UD100A Table


I’m I missing something or is there not a Change Log for the UD1XXA tables?

The option is there in UD100 - UD110 but not in UD100A - UD110A

I thought it might be in the table drop down for UD100 but as a data directive it makes sense that it is not listed there either.

Out of the box the Change Log facility is only available for selected tables in Epicor 9 and ERP 10.

You can however switch it on for any table you wish to track by enabling it through SQL. After you run the following statement, the ChgLog function will be available in the BPM Designer.

– Principal Technical Support Engineer at Epicor Software

UPDATE [Ice].[zDataTable] SET ChgLogId = 'UD100A', TableLabel = 'UD100A' WHERE [DataTableId] = 'UD100A'

Please note that this method only enables the option in the Workflow Designer, it will not add any display option to the maintenance screen; that would have to be done via customization, only if you need it.

new ChangeLogHelper(this.UD100Form).AddViewToWatch(this.oTrans.Factory("UD100A"));
baseToolbarsManager.Tools["ChangeLogTool"].SharedProps.Enabled = true;

Thank you @hkeric.wci! :+1:

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I followed the information on the steps to get the widget to show up on projectcst table and the information is not showing in the change log information screen the button is already there and the information is in the table not sure what I am missing currently.

Hi Devin,

I am not sure if I completely understand your question. But, if it is why don’t I see my changes made to my table now that I’ve set it up for audit? Then maybe it is the ChgLogId field in the zdatatable that shows what data is shown when audit log is clicked in a program. See below screenshot, the reason why PORel and POMisc data changes show up in PO change log when clicked.
I suggest you look at the ChgLog data overall via BAQ to see if your changes are being logged, then look here if it’s not showing up in expected record.


my information is showing in the change log table currently in sql for project cst but not showing when I click the change log Icon in project entry.

I wonder if you have to register the View on the Form… Which means also sometimes the Button will only work if you go to the Cost TAB.

Sadly this solution is not available to those of us who are not in control of our own hosting. I asked someone from the cloud team to run the SQL command for us but they were not allowed to. I was told to file an enhancement request, which was promptly denied:

Hello Evan,
I received a response from Development and it was stated in their response that Change log is not going to be supported for UDxx child tables.
Please consider some other table or method to track your necessary changes. thank you.

Pete Helm
Epicor Technical

Typical. :expressionless:

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Yes typical, I use it… I got the info from Serge from Epicor