Change Quote Currency

Sorry, in the previous reply I was meant to put in "Change the currency on the Summary/Header, then paste insert."

Got a bit ahead of myself. :)

Hey all,

Rather simple one that I can't seem to figure out:

How do I change the quote currency after duplicating a quote?


Quoted to Customer A in GBP - Quote 1000.

Customer A happy with Quote 1000 - lines, operation standards, material costs, etc. but wants the quote in USD instead.

Quote 1000 closed as a Revision Issued Reason.

Quote 1000 duplicated, creates Quote 1001.

Quote 1001 has Quote 1000 entered as Parent Quote.

Cannot change currency on Quote 1001.

Do I really have to manually re-add all the lines?

For reference, I do have the Prevent Changes tickbox unticked in the company configuration, that is not the issue.

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Quickest workaround I could find that involves the least amount of work is to copy the lines into excel from the original quote, duplicate the quote without the lines, then paste insert.

Not the best, but it works. Any ideas are still appreciated!