Change Report Default Output Format to CSV

Some of you might be familiar with the addition to web.config in order to default the output format for these reports to EMF so APM can read them.

I have a request from Finance to have the GL Report specifically default to CSV. I tried to add a line in web.config, but can’t get it to work. That would have been too easy.

I am about to tackle content and layout of these reports, and that was item #1 on the list. Has anyone found a way to do this?


You can’t. Nathan Anderson from Epicor went down this road with us a few years back. You could probably with some Customization figured out the toolbar, find the dropdown and set it. I didn’t have a chance ever to debug to find out how.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions. That would have been too easy…

In general the user experience with some of the financial reports has been that a lot of formatting, resizing, column hiding, etc is required before the users can really work with it. Even the other Excel like formats don’t really do the trick.


Do you own Advanced Print Routing? If so according to Nathan, that may be a way to force a different output easily.

I have APM, so I wouldn’t mind seeing what we can do. However, this is so low on the priority list as we are moving to 10.2… I was just hoping to find an easy fix…

I didn’t need CSV but EMF format instead. With the Report Style set to one that is a SSRS report

using Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars;

private void BAQReportForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
	((ComboBoxTool)baseToolbarsManager.Tools["_cbtOutputFormat"]).SelectedIndex = 1;

Index 1 in this case, not sure it is universal, is this case EMF. I used Visual Studio and debugged the Toolbar Manager, found the Toolbar and then the tool but I was able to address the Tool directly from the toolbar manager. But you could do this also

((ComboBoxTool)baseToolbarsManager.Toolbars["_utbOutputFormat"].Tools["_cbtOutputFormat"]).SelectedIndex = 1;

Hey Scott, which code you used for this in terms of VB??

First, I would not write it in VB, use C#.

But I think it would be

(CType(baseToolbarsManager.Tools("_cbtOutputFormat"), ComboBoxTool)).SelectedIndex = 1


(CType(baseToolbarsManager.Toolbars("_utbOutputFormat").Tools("_cbtOutputFormat"), ComboBoxTool)).SelectedIndex = 1

Thanks Scott, have used C# in similar case, but for me it the output was excel (2). Was curious about the code, never know when it comes handy.
Thanks for the code.