Change serialized number


We have an engine serial number that was accidentally entered incorrectly. I’m just wondering is there a way to correct the serial number? The engine is already purchased and we need to invoice the customer.

Thank you.

Have you already shipped the engine?

Can you tell me if the job for creating the engine was make to stock or make to order?

Hi Joseph,

The engine has been shipped. It was make to stock.


If you haven’t invoices the shipment, you should be able to unshipped it and delete the pack.

If you can’t do that, RMA the engine back and ship again with the correct serial number on another line.

Metesh, because you have not yet posted an invoice, you should have a path forward here.

  1. Remove the bad serial from the pack.
  2. Reverse the bad job receipt to inventory.
  3. Perform a good job receipt to inventory.
  4. Add to pack

You should be able to pull up the pack, mark it as not shipped, then open it, then remove the bad serial number. Then perform a job receipt to inventory for -1 against the job that produced it. You may need to reopen the job to do this if it has already closed. Then, perform the job receipt to inventory for 1 from the job with the corrected serial number. Then add that serial number to the pack, reclose, and then mark as shipped. It should then be ready for invoicing. Please note that if you freighted in the system using a manifest tool, you’ll want to avoid unfreighting and voiding that pack.

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