Change Ship To Address On Open PO *Urgent*

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Kind of in a bind and need a quick answer. Need to redirect some shipments due to the current state of lockdown and need some assistance changing the ship to address to a one time location for over 100 lines this month. One, I can not seem to make the ship to on the release available to change, including having changed the linked SO line and release. Two, can this be done with a DMT? I see on PO Release a place to change the ShipToCustNum, so does that mean I will need to create the alternate address on the Customer as an additional ShipTo and then use that?

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Hi Eric,

Are all of your sales order lines for Buy to Order? Are all open Sales Order Lines in system going to this new location? The shipTo ID is referential I believe. You could consider for the sake of time changing the address on the associated shipTo id to get out door to right place and then take time to clean it up properly. Not a most elegant fix, but a quick one.
Also, DMT should definitely be an option here as well.


They are buy to order and linked to the PO Line/Release. Ultimately the ShipTo tab is greyed out and cannot be changed. The DMT for PO Release only includes the ShipToCustNum and not the specific ShipTo. I was able to DMT the One Time Ship To address, but I cannot get the checkbox for OTS to toggle since it too is greyed out.

A couple of things. The OTS for the buy to order is based on the Order header OTS being checked. Then the sales order releases may be OTS. Does this help?

Also, not sure if I explained suggested quick fix well enough. See screenshot.

Actually ended up changing the Customer address on the header and reprinted the POs. Weird thing is, it prints the new address as the Line/Release ShipTo, but does not change the address I see under Releases/Drop Ship Address. Curious now how you even set a one time address, must have to be done as a “on the fly” kind of thing and not as a temp change.

Thanks for the info Nancy!!!

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