Change shipping qty based on PartNum


Hi, could anyone point me in the right direction.
I have created a BPM to notify the members of a specific group in the shipping team that a part on the pack id that they are creating is restricted which works fine however I would like to automatically change the “ShipDtl.OurInventoryShipQty” to 0 which would allow them to click the ready to invoice tag for the remaining parts without accidentally shipping the restricted part.
Would I need to do this in C#?

if you would like to put some screenshot and details of your BPM, people might be able to give you some suggestions

Apologies for the crude crayonshowever this is what I’ trying to achieve.

if i were you, i would put an exception instead of showing message, and ask user to do the delete action, alternatively you need to find the relevant line within the shipment, and invoke the delete method with passing the relevant required parameters.

and yes you can set whatever value in this ttRecord to whatever you want without code, just use the set field value widget after satisfying your condition.