Change the default Report Task Status for "No Records Selected" not to be an ERROR

I’d like to see the the Task Status not be “ERROR” when a report, whether that be a Standard or BAQ, if there are no records. There are some reports that we don’t want to see any records, such as Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations. It’s not an error that there were not any records. We also have scheduled BAQ Reports that may not have records, and that’s okay, and we don’t need an error in the System Monitor when it happens.

An error to me is an unhandled exception. I don’t think no records is an exception. I understand the user may need a notification that the report didn’t have data. I’m just not sure throwing an “ERROR” in the system monitor is the way to go.

Or have a system wide, or report specific, option that “no records selected” reports still produce an output. Even if it is just a page containing only the report name.


We have many users still thrown off by this and they will continue to rerun the same report.


Those options would be nice too. Similar to what @bfraseraepl mentioned, users sometimes think, “oh there is an Epicor problem better contact IT”. Anything would be better than the Error status.

100,000 up-votes for this.

Simple to handle we should explore @Patrick.Ferrington

I just sent out instructions to all of our users to set the balloon properties so they at least get the error notification of no records selected.

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