Change to dashboard tracker condition "Matches"?

I’ve just noticed that a trick I’ve used in dashboards no longer works.

When I want to be able to filter the data based on a boolean field, but sometimes want to ignore it, I’d create a calc field (char) in the BAQ, that would be ‘YB’ when the bool was true, and ‘NB’ when it was not. Then I could add a prompt in the dashboard’s tracker with condition “Matches”.

Entering a Y in that field resulted in records where the bool was TRUE
Entering a N resulted in records where the bool was FALSE
Entering a B (or leaving it blank) resulted in records where the bool was TRUE or FALSE

But now (after upgrading from 10.1.400 to 10.2.300), this no longer works. I’m now required to enter a Y* or N*.

It’s an easy enough fix (change the calc to just Y or N, and use a blank entry for either).

But the fact is, this looks like a significant change. Anyone else notice this?

try startswith rather than matches?

Yes that works too(in just this case).

But my bigger concern is if the functionality of the “matches” condition has changed.

will test Matches condition on our system and let you know.



Yes, this is a “Bug Fix”.

See Knowledge Base Article’s KB0037925 and KB0029682

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