Changelog - OrderHed.ChangedBy doesn't make sense

After migrating to E10 it’s our understanding that we need to create method directives on all the tables we want a changelog for to get our changelogs from E9 back… We’re in the process of doing this now, but we’re seeing something odd in the OrderHed Changelog.

Below is a screenshot showing the Changelog and Method Directive. In the changelog is shows all the changes our user Teresa made, that looks great. The problem is the last line in the changelog is for the field ChangedBy and it lists Dana as the user but no other fields changed. I’m told this user didn’t change anything on the order. The data/Changelog seems to indicate the user Dana saved a change to a field we didn’t log(don’t know what changed). Is my understanding correct?

The OrderHed table can be updated by processes outside of Order Entry. Like when a order is completely shipped, the Order gets closed.

Add OpenOrder to the fields monitored, to see if it’s the shipping process that’s changing OrderHed

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@ckrusen thanks! In your changelogs have you ever logged ChangedBy or ChangeDate fields?

In the case of this order we don’t have any shipments(maybe other fields changed we don’t log or some other process updated orderHed we’re not thinking of)… This makes me question the value of logging the ChangeBy and ChangeDate fields as I’m thinking they will cause more confusion than they help.

Nope. Never saw the point (unless you wanted to know who the previous change was by)

Plus, ChangedBy and ChangedDate are updated for any change. Not just the ones the ChangeLog is monitoring.


You can always ask Dana what they were doing at that time.

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