Changes to Posted Invoices - sales rep change only

I need to change the salesperson associated with posted invoices. Is that possible?

Doubt you can just change the salesperson. You might need to create a Cancellation Invoice, then re-invoice with the proper salesperson.

Note that a Cancelation Invoice will create GL Trans oppsoite of those made when the original invoice was posted. For example, COGS will go back into AR Holding (or WIP). So make sure the “re-invoice” is setup exactly like the original that you canceled.

You cannot update a posted invoice, other than the Due Date.

You would need customisation for you to do that.

If you are attempting to calculate commissions due to the salesperson, you might be better off changing the salesperson on the sales order (which is updateable) and basing commissions on the order not the invoice.

I am looking to make the change for commissions but my commissions are paid on paid invoices so I have to change the invoice, correct?

You would still pay commissions based on paid invoices, but since you cannot change the salesperson on the invoice, you can’t depend on the salesperson being correct on the invoice. Instead, you would pull the salesperson from the order line or order header, which you can control. This is easily done through table joins in a BAQ or SSRS report.

  1. Create Cancellation Invoice
  2. Update order, correcting the salesman
  3. Re-invoice

The bad part is that the customer payments will need to be applied against the new invoices, not the originals the customer received.