Changing a serial number after the product has shipped

What would be the best method (best practice) to change a serial number of a product that has already shipped? DMT? or updateable BAQ? I know the serial number touches many different tables. The equipment has the correct serial number on it however that serial number does not exist in our system. A incorrect serial number was created in E10 and selected for the shipment.
would we just need to update the SerialNo_SerialNumber field.
We are working in our test database.

In our case, the correct SN shows in the building and the wrong one in the field. We do an RMA to return the wrong SN then ship the correct SN.

Mark W.


I think finding the root cause of the problem is important too. Find out why the serial number does not exist. Is there a missing process?

This exact problem causes big headaches for us when it occurs …
Ours happens occasionally when typos are done on our products that have alphanumeric serial numbers.
I wish there was a system method to do this without having to do somersaults.
I think Mark’s method is the best in-system method to deal with this today in E10.

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This is a problem for some of my clients as well.
Reading Nancy’s comment, made me think of a potential fix(es).

  1. BPM/Customization to have the user enter/select the SN twice (blind), if they don’t match, then they have to start over and try again.
  2. Add BPM(s) to apply company specific SN selection and activity rules to prevent errors.

That is exactly our problem. our serial numbers are created outside of Epicor, when the serial number was added to Epicor they mistyped it. Rather than correct the error there they went ahead and “shipped” the incorrect serial number and here I am trying to fix it 11 months later.
I guess my concern was If I can change it via DMT on the Serial Number table, would it have any adverse affect on other tables. I am going to test it in test to see what effects it may have.

SO I tried correcting the record via DMT get this error.
“[Part Number] 010A18F9736 Table: SerialNo Msg: Row has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated.”
Never seen that error in DMT.
[part number was an actual part number, I subbed for this post]

Hi Rick

Do you have any examples of the BPM you talk about here of confirming the serial number

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@aarong no I do not. It was just an idea.