Changing COA Structure

I know this has been discussed before but I thought I would bring it up again. If someone has a current COA with a natural account only and want to revise it to include multiple segments including department and division, do they have to create a new COA with a new book or can they just change the COA structure and keep the current book? I tried the account segment mappings and changing the posting rules but it is now displaying two books. They just want to keep the current book but modify the chart structure. Can they do that and then just rerun the Display GL Accounts?

Adding a segment should not be an issue:

  • Review the COA for the segment definitions.

  • Review the current book and make any changes necessary (added a department segment to the retained earnings?)

  • Add the segment(s), create the accounts, rebuild the display accounts.

  • Create any journal entries to move any balances as necessary.

  • Review any accounts that need to be deactivated.

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Say you had the following structure
where cccc = Chart, and vv = Div,
An say GL Acct 6501-01 exists

And you wanted to add a segment for Department so the new structure was:
After creating segment values 01 and 02 for the Dept segment, and new GL accts: 6501-01-01 and 6501-01-02, is GL acct 6501-01 still valid?

Or would you have to make the Dept segment optional?

Optional. Same for Dept segment if moving from Chart only.

To make it “not optional”, would you still have to make it optional, and then just disable any GL Acct that doesn’t have that segment? And make sure that future GL accts include it.

i agree - i believe i remember it as
“any segments added after the coa is established must be optional”
but it’s been a while since i putzed with gl coa updates

That would be the best alternative. Make the segment optional.

Create the ‘00’ (or any required) Segment accounts using the DMT or Paste Update

Create a Journal entry to move the balances from the old account(s) to the new account(s)

Change any controls that use the old accounts to the new accounts.

Review any documents that may have old accounts such as unclassed PO’s.

Make the old accounts inactive. Make the segment required.

Have Lunch and have a nice day.

Oh, BTW, I would review the Trial Balance to make sure you are back to normal, monitor the review journals to fins errors and tell people what you are doing would probably help.


I tried this in both E9 and E10. Once I added the segments and made them optional I was not able to go back and change them to mandatory. I’m pretty sure I am not missing a setup but is there any other way to add segments and make them mandatory after a COA has been used?