Changing Due date on Container Shipment Landed Cost Entry

Hoping for a bit of confirmation, and I think the answer will be, “This is an SCR”. Being in a country that does not follow the normal date formatting rules :umbrella: We have found that when you go to change the due date on a LC shipment it brings up a dialog that prompts to change the PO Releases Due dates, but it is in mm/dd/yyyy format, instead of the default users format. Is there a way to change this? or am I SOL and have to go the SCR route.?

We have confirmed that all our servers are using the correct locale/language. The AU language pack is installed and users language is set to English/AU

You can see the issue in the screenshot below:

Hi, What version are you on? But yes we see the same issue…

10.1.600.25. case logged with Epicor

So there is a problem code for this… PRB0192860 Tested on 10.2.300. It is marked as as a 3 Moderate.