Changing PCID Status

I have a Customer Shipment Entry (Pack) that had (2) PCID’s in it. I unpacked the PCID’s so I could open the Pack and make address changes. Now I want to put the PCID’s back in the Pack.
I get this error… (“PCID ‘830’ cannot be packed. One or more item(s) in this PCID are allocated but not yet picked. All items currently contained within the PCID must be in the picked status before it can be packed.”) The PCID’s are in a status of STOCK. How do I pick the items again or get the PCID’s back into SOPICK status so I can add them back to the Packs?

I don’t remember the exact steps, but you have to unallocate/unreserve the items, move them back into stock, and then allocate and pick them back into the PCIDs.

I don’t think this will work though, as the current PCID has the old address on it.

In the Site configuration, if the below check box is not selected, then once you unpick you need redo the picking process.


Thank you sir. I know the steps and I was afraid that was gong to be the answer.

My understanding of PCID’s is that they can be moved around as 1 “unit” and carry serial numbers,etc. with them so I was hoping I could just unpack it, make changes to Pack and then add it back. Maybe that will work after after I make Prashanth’s change below.

Thanks again!

Thank you Prashanth. It is not checked. I will make that change for the future.

Just to make sure I understand. This means if we unpack the PCID from a shipment it will be instantly available to ship on another pack?

I’m guessing that question was directed to Prashanth but that is my understanding of how it works. (Although I did not know there was a box to enable that behavior.)

I apparently don’t have the rights to enable it but I will request that change in our Test Environment and test the scenario. Once I have a definitive answer post it here.