Changing Serial Mask on a single serial number

Hi there,
I’m wondering if it is possible to adjust the serial mask of a part for only a specific serial number.

The situation is that there was a duplicate SN shipped (during a transition from another ERP software), which was resolved internally by adding a “A” to the end of a serial number to our paperwork. However, in Epicor this SN is unchanged and still shows the duplicated SN (this causes no issues in Epicor since it doesn’t see it as a duplicate. The original SN was shipped through an old ERP system)

This part was now RMAed back to us. Is it possible to adjust this SN mask to match what is on the paperwork? Or is the correct course of action just assigning it a new SN with no adjustment to the masking

Hi Peter,

We use serial tracking and have both serial mask as well as alphanumeric setups on various parts. We also use RMAs and do repair work on serialized parts.

I have a couple of thoughts on possible workflows.

You could temporarily change the partno to alphanumeric and then receive the RMA (un-receive first, if already received) and enter the correct SN manually then change the part setup back to masking. This would entail making sure that nobody in system is doing any transactions that create new SN on the part number at that time.

Alternately, if you are like us, and you are receiving the serial number part back in and repairing it to send back out, you could use a generic part number setup with alphanumeric to receive it against for RMA and then dispose that to job. We use a part number called Repair and Upgrade for that. We also use that as the parent part number on the job, sold or warranty on sales order line.


Hi Nancy,

I think I will go with the route of changing the mask to alphanumeric, receive the RMA and then revert back the mask since I think the generic PN for repairs will confuse some of us and this scenario doesn’t occur often.

Thank you for the timely and helpful response,

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