Chaning Line item part number from CPQ


We decided to update the line item part number in CPQ so that we can create an intelligent part number based on CPQ input. Even more fun we bring in the Customer Number from the Quote and make that part of the part number. We use a Naming rule to update the Configurator Sku, then that gets sent to Kinetic.

This has been working for us fine until the latest update 2024.1 (We are still in pilot phase so running on our THIRD environment). The best part is any Configurators setup in Kinetic after the 2024 update doesn’t work but the ones created prior to 2024 update still work as expected :frowning:

Current naming rule

Older product will properly push back a line item part number based on this formula.
Configurators create since the update retain the configurator part number used in Kinetic.

AND… the ShortDescription does work for both older and newer configurators???

Put in an EpiCare case. Possible a bug got introduced with 2024.1…

Also, check all your configuration settings in both CPQ and Epicor. Maybe something got overwritten and needs to be re-connected.

Curious what you’ll find out when this gets resolved. We’re on 2023.2, and typically upgrade annually (to 2024.2 in February).

We all thank you for beta testing Epicor and CPQ!

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Already did the Epicare Ticket and they opened a ticket with development so I hope it will get resolved. Weird how older CPQs are still working fine it only affects configurators created since the update. Maybe we missed a step. I did test all the connections with Kinetic and re-ran part/method sync a few times.

If the f-Desc field is a text field, you might be able to fix this by checking if f-Desc = “” rather than saying if Not is null or emtpy. f-Desc might not be null or empty it might be = “”

Hope this helps