Check if purchased parts on hand goes below zero


Im trying to help our purchasing manager, figure a way in epicor to, filter on each of our suppliers, and each part number, and have the system automatically filter those parts that are below minimum on hand, 0 or below 0 to change color to red. Thereby a “quick” way to located the most critical purchased parts.
Check if there is a PO and if there is one, then if that PO can then be expedited.

Is there a way to do this, without having to check every single part in Time Phase?

Production planner workbench will identify items which fall below zero in Time Phase. It is a bit of a wiggle to figure out what settings to use, but it does work. The end result is a list of all shortage items, when they are needed, and for what job(s).

Additionally, there is a report “Time Phase Material Requirements”, which can be configured to report items below zero on hand.

I’ve tried running the Time Phased mat reg report.

Also, can the production planner workbench, show me which suppliers, of the items that fall below zero?

It shows the part number, the job, and the date the item is needed for that job. I typically jump over to Time Phase Inquiry from that point.