Check number when paying multiple invoices

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We are on E10.1.500.10.

We do about three check runs per month and, therefore, can have many invoices paid on one check. When we go over a certain number of invoices (I think it’s 28) on a specific check, the check numbers for subsequent checks get messed up because the advice spills to the next sheet, which is the next check. For example,

Check 001 to vendor A covers three invoices. All is fine.
Check 002 to vendor B covers ten invoices. All is fine.
Check 003 to vendor C covers 30 invoices.
The first 28 invoices are listed on the advice part of check 003
The next two invoices are listed on the advice part of check 004, which is properly voided.
All is good up until this point.
However, when the check for vendor D is generated, the system thinks it’s check 004 when, in fact, it’s really 005.

The report (the check) knows that 004 is void, but the system does not and so records the check for vendor D as 004.

Is there some kind of setting that allows us to specify the maximum number of invoices per check so that the system will either:

  • continue to use the next check as the advice and adjust the number of the next check OR
  • limit the number of invoices on a single check and generate a separate check for the invoices over the maximum. So in the example above, Check 004 would be also for vendor C and cover the two invoices that did not fit on Check 003.



Bank Account Maintenance. Also make sure Preprinted Check Numbers is selected so it will properly index the check number when one is voided.

You’ll want to look at the bank account setup, there are settings on there for preprinted check#'s and # of invoices per check. Keep in mind after changing those settings you’ll need to create a new payment group or it uses the old settings.

Thanks to you both. We had gotten the Invoices on Check Stub, but not the Preprinted Check Numbers. All fixed.