CheckDuplicatePO tickbox clashing with updateable dashboards

Hi everyone,

We operate with the CheckDuplicatePO tickbox on the Customer Maintenance screen always ticked by default as we have in the past made several orders more than once by mistake. We do, however, sometimes want to use the same PO number more than once. On these occasions, the user adding the Quote will untick the box complete the quote and then re-tick the box afterwards. The problem is that we use two updateable dashboards, one for printing labels and another for credit holds. Both throw exception errors when we try to print labels or add/remove the customer from credit hold. Un-ticking the box again cures this but not all departments have access to the customer maintenance screen so it is a bit of a pain. Is there a way to prevent the dashboards from erroring in this situation?
Thanks in advance for any help/advice.